An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) may be called many different names, here are a few you may be familiar with:  Guest House, Granny Flat, Garden Cottage, Pool House, Casita, In-Law Suite, Backyard Cottage, Studio Apartment or ‘Ohana’- in Hawaii, Tiny House- an accelerating trend, and a more dated term might be a Carriage House.  No matter the name used, an ADU can be exactly what your property might need to best service your needs.  Accessory Dwelling Units are frequently constructed to extend living space for expanding and growing families and guests, office space or to rent for additional income.  In 2017 the CA State Legislature passed SB229 and AB494 to help clarify and improve some of the provisions in the law to promote development of ADUs.  This is just one way the state and cities in CA are addressing the housing shortage in the state.  These Accessory Dwelling Units may be financed using our Renovation Loan program.  Manufactured Dwellings are also stepping in to offer stunning, sustainable, sturdy and affordable options not previously considered.